Welcome to Aloha Teacup Puppies !

We send you healthy Teacup puppies safely to any place in the world.

We bring Teacup puppies that have passed all health checks and offer a one-year health guarantee.


Our puppies are selected by strict standards. Among many breeders, dogs raised in unethical and poor environment are not selected from our standards. Our breeders have made tremendous progress in improving small and pretty puppies for years without going against the nature. Among them, we have selected only dogs that meet our strict standards.


We have been distributing small dogs since long ago and have grown with the slogan of morality and sincerity. We have created many connections finding puppies as high quality as possible, and have found and treated only puppies that were raised in a healthy and nature-friendly environment unlike puppy factories. And finally, we have begun to sell the healthiest and smallest puppies of the highest quality to not only Korea but to the world.