Health Guarantee


We provide one (1) year of health guarantee for following diseases:

Distemper, Corona, Parvovirus, Genetic problem and congenital organ dysfunction.

1. About distemper, Corona and Parvovirus

If puppy dies with above any of the listed diseases as above, we will replace with the same breed and same gender as you have previously paid. (we require medical certificate with certified vet bills and original unmodified photos of the puppy)

2. If genetic problem and congenital organ dysfunction were found, you have following choices:

     1) You can send your puppy back to us and receive another of the same breed and same sex of puppy. (The cost of sending back the puppy is on your own)

    2) If the puppy dies due to any of the above diseases, we will send a new replacement puppy. (same breed, same sex and same level of quality)

IMPORTANT: We will NOT compensate for any curable disorders or common disorders such as Luxating patella, hernias, open fontanel, parasites , blood sugar, skin issues and etc.

When any kind of veterinarian issues occur, you will have to send us copies of all of your medical certificate that explains that the cause of death was occurred by genetic issues and is of no fault of the owner.(For Distemper, Corona and Parvovirus ALSO need medical certificates)

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us.