About Our Puppy


Our puppies are selected by strict standards. Among many breeders, dogs raised in unethical and poor environment are not selected from our standards. Our breeders have made tremendous progress in improving small and pretty puppies for years without going against the nature. Among them, we have selected only dogs that meet our strict standards. We and our breeders are in compliance with the regulations of Federation Cynologique International (FCI) & Korean Kennel Federation (KKF).



 All puppies are handled by our certified employees with years of experiences, using the latest state of the art facilities to ensure that they are in the best optimum conditions – ideal temperature, comfortable humidity and ventilation control. Ultimately, the puppies’ health and welfare are our top most priority.


The teacup puppy is actually a size that is not officially registered. There have been controversies about these puppies, and there actually were some problems with extremely small ones. It is because these problematic puppies are unrealistically small from birth, or partly because they are fed less. These puppies may be beautiful for a while but are not actually healthy puppies.

The prejudice that the teacup puppy cannot live long or has a short life span started from the above reason. This is not true and if teacup puppies are vaccinated and taken care of as well as normal dogs, it can be as healthy as big dogs.

We have been making breed connections for a long time. Because of this, our small and pretty puppies are naturally improved puppies, and unrealistically small puppies or forced puppies are never treated. We guarantee only the happiest and healthiest puppies.



We have been distributing and making connections in Korea for a long time. So we came to learn which breeders in Korea are ethically and cleanly breeding quality dogs.

Korea is a very dog-friendly country. Because of rapid urbanization, consumers wanted a puppy that they could grow in an apartment rather than a spacious courtyard, and due to this, breeders have been improving teacup puppies for a long time. Hence, Korea has become the top origin of teacup puppy in the world.