Our Vets

Our Vets

In order to keep our puppies in best condition for as long as possible, we’ve been working with the best hospitals for a long time so our customers can receive their puppies in the best health and condition.

Our vets:

  • Inoculate and deworm (vanguards plus 5, corona viruses and rabies).
  • Use the latest medical device to determine if your dog has a genetic problem.
  • Carry out a thorough check to see if the dog isn’t infected with viruses.

    Before the puppies are sent away to our customers, they go through a final check. If there is any problem with the puppy at the time of this final check, this is reported to the customers and the flight will be cancelled with a full refund.

    Before the puppies reach your doorsteps, our team and veterinarians will put in our utmost affection and sincerity to manage our puppies to promise that only the loveliest and healthiest dogs are sent to you.