What is an intelligent and smart dog?

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What is an intelligent and smart dog?

There are now two teacup poodles in Aloha Puppies.

Both have red fur and teddy bear's face.

People who like poodle know that poodle is the second smartest dog of all. Of course, each dog may have a little bit of difference, but on average, he is the smartest.

I spent a lot of time with Cappuccino and Mocha, and I thought they were really smart.


Mocha has been very smart since she first met us.

Mocha keeps looking at me when She wants to eat or play.

I didn't tell him anything. She did everything first.


lofty cappuccino!!

If Mocha's got a naughty personality, then Cappuccino's got a more gentle personality.

At first, I was worried that she was too gentle to adapt, but later I looked at her and found that it was her personality.

I thought she wasn't interested in people, but she was a quiet observer.


The sooner they learn how to live with people, the smarter they are. In fact, smart dogs are good, but it's also important how family gives them the environment.

It is important to give them love and reward them through training.


Please remember that both dogs and people need time to adjust to each other.


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