A walk 1 time a day to keep both dogs and people healthy

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[A walk 1 time a day to keep both dogs and people healthy]
For those of you who have dogs, there is a recommendation.
It's a walk.
For dogs, walking is as important as eating.
The reason why walking is important 
to puppies is they can relieve stress by taking a walk.
Another reason is that they can meet other people or dogs and grow social skills.
Walking is very important for people, too.
Basic walking exercises, of all ages, 
are very helpful in maintaining good physical health.
A walking trail that can be boring if you do it alone.
If you and your dog go together, 
it will be a fun exercise time without being bored.
According to a study of people's walking time,
On average, dog owners exercise 20 percent more than those who don't.✌✌
How about taking a walk with a dog
that loves the beginning or end of the day? :)💓💓
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