Returning seasons, dog flu symptoms and treatments

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Returning seasons, dog flu symptoms and treatments




Influenza is prevalent these days with the start of the change of seasons. 

Not only humans but dogs also have to be careful about catching 

a cold during the changing seasons.

What are the symptoms when dogs catch a cold?

And let's see what the cure is!





The symptoms of a dog cold are very similar to those of a person:)




Dogs have a runny nose like humans, and their nose is very wet.

And they have their eyes shut, have a fever, and cough in severe cases.

They may also feel weak and have a bad appetite.





If the symptoms are weak, 

it is good to keep them at the right temperature and feed them well for recovery.



If the symptoms get worse, go to the nearest animal hospital for treatment. :(

This is because if the symptoms continue, it can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia.






The best treatment for a cold is to improve immunity and reduce stress.

Methods for improving immunity are 

nutritional supplements and injection methods.



Also, taking a walk once a day can help puppies relieve their stress.



In these changing seasons, always turn on the boiler frequently to maintain the proper temperature and create a clean environment.







!!Since dogs cannot tell the reason for their illness, families must pay close attention and care. It is best to detect and treat diseases of babies quickly!!



If a dog catches a cold, try to detect their symptoms early and stay healthy :))


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