Food and first aid measures that dogs should never eat!

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Food and first aid measures that dogs should never eat


Even if it's good for a person

There are foods that dogs should not eat.

This is because if they eat, their life could be in danger!


What kind of food a dog should never eat

Let me tell you one by one :)


Food that dogs should not eat. [First]

The representative food that a puppy should never eat

It is a food with caffeine such as chocolate and coffee.

It contains toxic ingredients in the heart that may cause vomiting or diarrhea, and if they goes wrong, it will die.


Food the puppy should not eat. [second]

Bones in chicken or bird bones including ducks

It is a food that dogs should never eat.

The bones are so sharp and sharp that it can hurt or tear your esophagus or digestive organs.

Please be careful!


Food the puppy should not eat. [thrid]

Grapes are very dangerous food for dog kidneys.

Grapes should never be eaten by a dog!

Food that dogs should not eat. [fourth]

When you give the puppy food,

Be sure to check if the food includes onions or garlic.

The same goes for garlic, especially onions.

This is because it contains ingredients that destroy red blood cells, which can interfere with the production of dog blood and cause anemia.

In addition to 

- cat feed or snack

- Alcohol and tobacco

- Nuts and seeds

- dairy products such as cheese and milk

- Too salty or spicy food

There are so many foods that dogs shouldn't eat!


by mistake

If a puppy eats food that it should not eat,

The most urgent first aid is to make him vomit.


If the dog failed to vomit, you can give them peroxide, and you have to calculate it at 1.1 ml per kilogram, and then you have to see if the food that you've taken on the wrong side comes back to vomiting.

Make him throw up before he gets digested!


For a pet dog, it is necessary to pay only dog food and snacks.

The best thing for a puppy's lifetime health.

Please remember!!

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