Pet ticket Petiquette ! How to greet a new puppy??

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Pet ticket Petiquette ! How to greet a new puppy??
People bow politely when they first meet. 
Give a brief introduction and tell us the following.
So is the puppy :)
If you take a walk in the park or nearby places,
You can see a dog walking with its family.
If so, you can :
Dogs are so cute that you shouldn't touch them all of a sudden.
They get scared when you suddenly touch or approach them.
Dogs can be nervous and vigilant when strangers suddenly appear.
You want to say hello to your dog. Because it is very cute.
First, you should ask your family if it's OK to touch or say hello to your dog.
Then reach out slowly to the dog.
Then the dog will smell and spin.
It's the first greeting for humans and dogs :)
Then, when the puppy smells around me,
Carefully touch your dog's jaw or chest.
Just as people think first impressions are important, so do puppies.

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