Let's find out about Maltese on the list of favorite puppies.

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Let's find out about Maltese on the list of favorite puppies.

Maltese is small, so it's good to grow inside the house.

Also, many people like it because of their white fur color and round appearance.



Maltese's personality is gentle and he likes people very much.

They are very assertive and jealous sometimes.

But it's their personality to give back the love they received.




Maltese has white hair and long hair, so even if she dyed or dressed, 

she is so cute and lovely.

The Maltese in Aloha Puppies are so small and lovely 

because they maintain a weight of 4 to 5 pounds.


The baby you see in this picture is Latte.

Latte has big, round eyes.

His personality likes people very much and he is very charming.

And he's a health baby who eats too well.




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