Healthy puppy Features and How to Find

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Healthy puppy Features and How to Find


It's exciting to meet a puppy as a new family.

But if the dog you love is sick, you will be very sad.

So, of course, it's important to bring a healthy dog from the start.

Let me explain what a healthy puppy looks like and how to find them.



1. Make sure your dog's eyes are looking exactly where they want to see it.

2. Make sure your dog's ears or anus is clean.

3. Make sure your dog's hair is glossy and soft.

4. Be sure to see if dogs walk or run well.

5. Do they eat well?

6. What's the status of your dog's poop?

7. Please check if the puppy is active.



If you check these seven conditions, your dog will be healthy.

Also, dogs need to develop their social skills from three months to ten months later. It's great to train them during this period.

Dogs also have different personalities, so we need to check their personalities.


As I said, we check seven conditions of the puppy.

Also, we don't have to worry because we have regular checkups of puppies. When you choose your only dog, please contact us if you want to meet a healthy and beautiful dog.


We're always waiting 24 hours :)


Please Contact Us at,

📩Text&Call, +1 646 513 9395

📲Whatsapp, +82 10 7677 1281



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