The necessary preparations before meeting a puppy for the first time :)

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the necessary preparations before meeting a puppy for the first time :)


For the first time, dog owners don't know much about dogs, so they don't know what they need. So you can search the computer or ask people around you what they don't know.




So today, before we raise a puppy, we will find out what we need.




First, puppy cushion and puppy house.

On the first day, we need a warm cushion or a house to help our dog adjust to a strange environment.

Living in their own space, they become more adaptable and explore other places.




Second, the dog fence.

Dogs practice bowel movements when they are young.

When a dog gets used to home on the first day, it feels like the house is too big, so it's better to increase the space a little bit.

Put a puppy house or cushion in the fence and put a bowel pad together.

Then they smell and know where to sleep and where to go to the bathroom.




The third, bowls and dog food.

We feed our dogs 100 percent organic feed.

At first, it's better to give them food similar to the food they ate.

And it's better to change the feed rate slowly.





What we've talked about so far is a necessary preparation.

There are other things them need.


puppy carrier, shampoo and rinse, dog harness, toy, snack, brush, claw clipper, etc.


There's a lot to be prepared for before you have a dog.

Therefore, careful consideration and perfect preparation are necessary before raising a puppy.


You can always ask us questions about your dog:)





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